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If you already know what the darknet is and how to get into it, then you will be interested to know more information about the main darknet store kraken onion. It is important to know exactly how the ordering process goes, what is needed for this, how long the transaction lasts. This and much more information is further down in our quick guide to the KRAKEN.

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The process of buying on krmp cc is not too different from ordering in regular online stores, but of course there are some peculiarities that newcomers to the darknet should know about. When you hit the Kraken Onion, the first thing you will need to do to buy is top up check. To do this is quite simple. You can replenish your account with both a bank card and cryptocurrency. In addition, the exchanger functionality has been added to the new krmp cc, which allows you to "throw" money into your account from any wallet and any currency. After the account is replenished, you will need to find the product you need. It is not difficult to do this, just use the convenient navigation on the left side of the site. There is a detailed menu of categories and directions. Choose the section you want and go. Next, select the appropriate seller and product. After you have chosen what you want, you can proceed to payment and execution of the transaction. When the goods are paid for, a map will be available to you indicating the coordinates of your treasure. Remember, you have a day to pick up your goods and close the deal. If within 24 hours the transaction is not closed, it will happen automatically. If you have any difficulties with the order, you can write to support and resolve the dispute with the help of KRAKEN guarantors.